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Nepal is known in the world as a nation of colour and contrasts - a hidden Shangri - La of nature, culture, and adventure. Its hallmark, undoubtedly, is the majestic snow - capped Himalaya, home to eight of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks. There are more things to know Nepal other than its height. Powerful rivers rush out from the Himalaya providing world class rafting opportunities as they cascade down the middle hills and empty out into the steamy flatlands of the Terai in the south. The cultural tour is possible both inside and outside of the Kathmandu valley, because the diverse cultural groups have been residing, being scattered across Nepal, who have unique and different cultures and traditions from their lineage, therefore why Nepal is illustrated as a multi-culture, multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic country. The customs and traditions differ from one place to another. The the vast diversity of people, their culture, language and traditions intrigue everyone who come here. Even if you just concentrate with in Kathmandu valley, you find that this valley is melting pot of diverse cultures and customs. Therefore, the valley is also considered to be a cultural metropolis of the country. The Kathmandu valley comprises of three cities namely Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. The ethnic groups here in Nepal still follow age-old customs of Hindu, Buddhist and Kirati religious practices, they have their own lifestyles. The latest census of Nepal puts that there are over 101 ethnic groups of them, the government has recognized some 59 ethnic groups as an indigenous peoples, who hold some 92 dialect and over 10 different religions. These features are self-exemplary that Nepal is a perfect place to have cultural tour, apart from trekking and other sorts of tours. Skypark Travels arranges all sorts of tour packages including the cultural tour.
With a fairly wide variety of cultures that somehow manage to spring up seeming out of nowhere in a landscape that is awe-inspiring in its relative magnitude, this is not at all surprising even the apparent political issues that seem to crop up there every once in a while would not be enough to deter some people from taking one or two Nepal tours that would make their vacation a little bit more colorful. Most of the people who choose to have a Nepal holiday are; after all in it for the different Nepal tours that are made available for them – that is to say, people who aren’t afraid of getting a little bit dirty just for fun are the ones who enjoy the Nepal tours the most. Indeed, the breath taking biotic diversity of Nepalese mirrored by the equally diverse population whose rich cultural heritage colours this nation with festivals and rituals, songs and masked dances, and a piety the level of which is matched by few places on this earth. This piety is reflected in the many artistic temples and monuments its people have built. This peaceful Himalayan Kingdom is thus an adventurer’s paradise, a naturalist’s dream, and a living ethnographic museum. It is primarily an agricultural country, and tourism, carpets and garments are the major industries. We have such a variety of tour, which covers culture, adventure, wildlife safari, trekking, birding, sky sports rafting, and so on. Here are some Tours, which has designed with combing all what all possible within your time available.